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We offer the right sterilizing products for your safety and hygienic clinic and research process. Go ahead and find out more about our integration products.

Laboratory Sterilization

Tonsor sterilization equipment are compact, making them suitable for laboratory operations. What’s more, these sterilizers are suitable for plastic appliances and other laboratory instruments. If you have any questions about our laboratory sterilization devices, simply contact us with a full list of your needs. We will provide a recommendation for the most suitable products according to your demands.

Pharmaceutical Sterilization

By choosing Tonsor sterilization products, you are choosing guaranteed performance. We fully understand the importance of sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry and the mission of pharmaceutical sterilization is to provide safe medicine for end users. Whether you are producing API or finished medicines, Tonsor is here to provide you with the ideal sterilization solution. In any case, we will offer you our advice, planning, and technical support to ensure the product works effectively so as to facilitate your production needs.

Medical Sterilization

If you are searching for medical sterilization equipment, Tonsor is a trusted expert in contamination control. Our products will help you create a sterile environment which is vitally important considering the health of patients in the medical field. Tonsor can provide you with a complete set of solutions and recommend you with the most suitable sterilization equipment. We hold ourselves accountable for the performance of our equipment so we work hard to guarantee the sterilization effects of these devices.

Food Packaging Sterilization

With the ability to kill most microorganisms at 220kpa, 134℃ in 45min, the autoclave steam sterilizer provided by Tonsor can effectively reduce the number of harmful bacteria in food and prevent infection or poisoning caused by bacterial toxins in food. As we know, the cleanliness standards of food packaging are extremely high, and rightly so. Our equipment can be applied to ensure the safety of packaged food, packaging materials, packaging machinery, and the operating environment.
About Us
About Us

Founded in 2004, Tonsor Medical Instrument Co. is a trusted manufacturer of autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaning machines, water distillers, and rotary sealers. Our highly reliable products are widely used in dental, pharmaceutical, medical, and food packaging applications for an effective hygienic performance. Each product is customizable to ensure an outstanding sterilization and dust removal performance, guaranteeing your equipment meets required health and safety standards.  

We have found great success through the years largely thanks to our outstanding factory and professional research team, as well as our long-term cooperation with a number of foreign agents. We are also always at the ready to provide customers with technical advice and services. Choosing Tonsor is much more than simply purchasing quality sterilization products; you also get the support of our technical team. This collection of experienced professionals have all undergone strict training to better serve our customers.